janetIf there was a job you’d rather be doing, what would it be?

T.V news anchor preferably sky news.

In your other life you are a…….

Freelance writer/dance artiste/student

In the animal kingdom you would be…….

A German shepherd

Movies or books?


What’s the last movie you watched?

Joe and the volcano

Friends or Family?


Career or Family?


Do you make fun of people?

Don’t we all. Knowingly and unknowingly

What CD is in your player right now?

Garvin Degrow

Rowdy night out with the boys/girls or candlit evening with that’s special one?

I love candles and all but a rowdy night with the girls is always much more fun.

TV program that you will not miss, no matter what:

Grey’s anatomy

What’s your bedtime?

2am-3am on a normal day

Home food or eat out?

Home food.

What’s the worst/most rebellious thing you did as a teenager?

Never been rebellious was always a sweet child/teenager. Unfortunately can’t say the same for my adult hood…

Things I’ve learned from life: 

Its within your power to set your own price. The way you carry yourself reflects to the world what you think of yourself.

Oh and I’ve learnt to Keep friends for friendship but work with the skilled and competent.

Where in this world you most want to visit: 

Hawaii….Hawaii …Hawaii

Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with?

Elton John, so he can play me a tune on his piano then explain to me why exactly he decided to go ‘west’. Then we’ll decide on the lyrics for the song he will sing as a tribute to me.

3 Favorite words:

Really, ok, what?

What you love/hate the most about yourself?

I love that am quite forgiving never was one to hold grudges for long hate that I trust so easily.

You’d never be caught wearing:


Almost perfect man……

God fearing, charming witty, good humor, hardworking, admirableand of course cute.

Do you believe size (of whatever is on your mind right now) matters?

Size matters a whole lot to me.

What do you think of male vs. female drivers?

There’s no Female or male, there is only two kinds of drivers bad and good.

What do you think of Boda Bodas?

Hate them coz they foil my plans to cross the road but love them coz they are the best way to feel the wind through your hair aside from that convertible which I don’t quite have

Something no one knows about you… 

I’d hate to be the cause of your premature death because of hidden revelations about me. So let’s leave them as they are…unknown.

In your own words……

Don’t hate on me I am just living my life and I shall make a ghost of him that stops me. And thine own self, always be true.