Elijah Kitaka

If there was a job you’d rather be doing, what would it be?

Mass market product strategist

In your other life you are a (what do you do apart from radio?)

Professional Software Engineer

Movies or books?


Whats the last book you read and/or are reading: 

Jazz Improvisation for Guitar, A Melodic Approach by Garrison Fewell. Excellent book.

But your passion is: 


Family or career?

Small family, big career

Inspirational figure(s) in life:

Wes Montgomery, self taught musician that turned out to be easily the most important figure in guitar history.

What CD is in your player right now? 

Fourplay’s newest album, X. Can’t stop listening to Larry Carlton.

What gives you the shivers?:  

Lack of self-reliance

Favorite pastime:

Playing guitar

The  perfect woman…

My wife Nina

Do you believe size (of whatever is on your mind right now) matters?

Yes it does

Something no one knows about you…

Hmmm, it wouldn’t be known only to me anymore now, would it!…

In your own words…

Life is like jazz, its best when you improvise.