Cymon Nite

cymon-niteIf you haven’t seen a lot of him during the day, maybe it’s for the same reason that you don’t see many bats. Cymon Nite comes out with the vampires and owls, and moon and stars.

If there was a job you’d rather be doing, what would it be?
Football player without a doubt- Chase a football around a pitch for a few minutes and voila…A huge pay-check, awesome!

Movies or books?
Movies without a doubt!

What’s the last book you read and/or are reading (or movie you watched):
Cold Harbour…Just cant get enough World War II material, Simply Irresistible.

Career or Family?
Family, nothing comes close…wait a minute, if ‘friends’ includes engagingly gorgeous girls I might have to give this one a rain-check.

What CD is in your player right now?
U2 Beautiful Day.

Movies or soccer?
Woah! Tough choice but I think soccer just about edges it.

Words or Phrases you overuse:

TV program that you will not miss, no matter what:
FBI files

Do you ever sleep?
You bet! But just 4hours tops

Home food or eat out?
Eat out! No offence mum.

What’s the worst/most rebellious thing you did as a teenager?
Nothing comes to mind.

Things I’ve learned from life:
Life is what you make it nothing more or less.

Where in this world you most want to visit:

Jo’ burg.

You’d never be caught wearing:
Shorts! My legs aren’t anything to write home about.

Favourite hangout spot?

What does your GF think of long cold nights without you???:
What GF?

Do you believe size (of whatever is on your mind right now) matters?
Size does matter-

Something no one knows about you… 
You must be kidding, if no one knows about it then trust me it best stay that way…But I can tell you, I sing kinda well.

In his own words…